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1972 - Never A Dull Moment

The title of Rod Stewart’s album hit Never A Dull Moment sums up the amazing music of 1972 – 50 years ago some absolutely wonderful records were let loose on the world.

This list of chart albums - half a century old this year - caught my eye the other day and underlined what incredible music was being released at this time.

A recent Kaleidoscope post tells of the great influence Roxy Music’s debut album, Roxy Music, had on me as a teenager. But such is the quality of the many other albums on this list, how many millions of other people’s lives across the world have been equally changed, steered, adapted by these bands and artists making the sounds of 1972?

Not all the albums here ended up in my record collection and one or two I have never heard even now. But a lot of them did and all are now embedded deep in popular music legend today.

Some are very special indeed and any song from them heard today brings special memories and feelings… Lou Reed’s Transformer, Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book, The Eagles’ Eagles and, of course, Roxy’s Roxy Music.

Stephen Still’s Manassas is a case in point though I didn’t buy the double album until 1973/4 I think as a mate who I had left school with told me I had to get it. And he was right. A brilliant mix of the famous Stills sound mixed with Country vibes and tremendous rock guitar. Manassas sounds as fresh today as it did the first time I played it.

Such iconic and creative music at a time when the sounds of the 60s were still in your head but artists were taking rock ‘n roll, folk and new electric instrumentation into entirely new fields. The 70s, my own personal favourite music decade which ranged from the genius of 10cc, to the mastery of Pink Floyd, the perfection of Joni Mitchell and so many more.

But music takes each person on an individual journey. The 2020s will be doing just the same to today’s teenagers as the 70s did for me. Expanding horizons, deepening experiences and making life richer. I may not like most of the modern stuff I hear today – can’t stand Rap! – but every now and I hear a band or an artist that can stand with those 70s greats.

To name a few… Sam Fender, First Aid Kit, Kings of Leon…

Just as it’s good that people with long musical histories, like people my age, so those enjoying the music of today should have a listen to the sounds of the 70s and check out what they might be missing.

And what better way to start than this list of classic albums from 1972.

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