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General Election Now!

As the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak forms yet another Tory government, there is no democratic solution to the utter mess the Conservatives have left Great Britain in after 12 wasted and bitter years than to have an immediate General Election.

Sunak has no legitimate mandate from the country, he was never even seen or heard of throughout the utterly tarnished election process, and every day he now spends in No 10 is a democratic insult to all of us.

Something is very wrong in the British political system which allows the public to be continually shut out in this way. Sure, Gordon Brown assumed Tony Blair’s PM mantle without an election – as other administrations have allowed in the past – but this is now the third Tory PM in quick succession and the total upheaval of life since the Conservative’s win in 2019 means the UK is light years from even that socially disruptive time. Covid, Ukraine, economic collapse, we are living in a totally different world than when we last went to the polls.

Since the 2019 election, we have endured Johnson’s utterly corrupt and debased administration. We have now had the complete incompetence and ludicrous interlude with Liz Truss, a politician whose magnificent short-comings were always as obvious as Johnson’s narcissism. And now we have Sunak, who is already putting together a cabinet of the damned.

The UK is riven with divide and the continuing calamities of various Tory governments over the last twelve years. The crash-list of failures is so long and only getting longer:

Brexit – not done, a cancer on our society and economy, only Tory weakness allowed it to happen.

The economy – a shambles.

Public services – starved of investment, hollowed out by austerity.

The NHS – clapped in Covid, strangled as we are coming out of its grip, being picked off by privatisation.

Climate Change – no leadership, no vision, the Tories even want fracking. The globe’s most pressing crisis and the Government is rudderless.

Law and governance – vicious new legislation depriving people of their rights and protections.

Standing in the world – plummeting.

And on and on.

Labour are miles ahead in the polls – it’s done a huge job in turning the Corbyn disasters days around – but their lead over the Tories is hardly surprising given their woeful performance in Government.

Labour’s task, hopefully working with other parties as much as possible, is to ensure that whenever a General Election does take place it is ready with a platform of far-reaching progressive polices that can seek to reverse the carnage the Conservatives have inflicted.

But we all shouldn’t have to wait. The case for a General Election immediately is crystal clear and anything less is a democratic crime on every person in Great Britain.

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