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Hey Joe! Paris is Waiting

President-Elect Joe Biden is committed to the USA rejoining the Paris climate change accords Denier-in-Chief Donald Trump so wantonly withdrew the country from. Hopefully, very soon after his inaugural, Biden will have America back in the world's fight to combat this, its greatest threat.

But Joe cannot just sign up to Paris, fulfil a campaign pledge, then take his foot off the gas. His Presidency has to commit itself and the nation to taking clear and decisive action to combat climate change across the board. America remains one of the world's great polluters and contributors to our climate crisis. If the world is to get a real grip on the huge climate challenge, then the USA as a great power must start taking a greater lead.

To his credit, throughout the Presidential campaign, Biden has talked a good climate change game, he looks and sounds truly committed to the massive issues America and the world faces - and, let's face it, after Trump, ANY political progress on climate change will be a plus. But talk won't be enough. Action - swift and deep - is required.

How Biden will cope on any front, certainly if he has a Senate against him, is open to question right now. But, for now, let's celebrate there is a President-Elect who at least seems to understand how urgent fighting climate change is.

Paris is not a small step - it's big and will send a clear and positive message to the world. But what the climate crisis needs is a 'giant leap' and Joe Biden has to start delivering soon.

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