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Police State?

Yet another broadside of criticism today of the Metropolitan Police’s ‘investigation’ of Partygate further underlines how obviously corrupt the Met’s involvement is in the whole sordid and shaming affair.

Day by day, week by mind-crushingly long week, and now even months, the Met’s response to Partygate, and specifically Boris Johnson’s prime role in it, is what it is…

a bare-faced, Force-wide strategy to lessen the legal impact on the Prime Minister and, as a result, keep him in office.

Delays, confusion, sending out questionnaires (!!), not sending out questionnaires (!!!), keeping who has been fined secret, allowing time for those under suspicion to have a think and maybe come back with info, all planned to keep kicking the party can down the road in the hope people will forget and forgive.

And all that on top of the Met’s original, planned sin of taking the whole thing away from Sue Gray and her report which was in all likelihood going to send Johnson packing. How convenient the Met’s timing was, how last minute, how very… well Johnson-esque.

For this is what we are talking about here. Political collusion.

The fact that police forces act under a political umbrella is understood. There is a government, it has policies and ministers and the police answers to them. This is correct in a democratic system. But what we have here is a police force obviously acting in the interest of a political party and, specifically, an individual politician.

This is police corruption of the highest order and wouldn’t be out of place in Moscow.

The UK a Police State? The incredible truth is we are nearer to it than we think.

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