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Massive shout out to the great ITV show Unforgotten.

The latest series has finished with the death of main character Cass Stuart - played by the brilliant Nicola Walker - and just like the watching millions I had a distinct lump in my throat.

DCI Cass – sensitive, dedicated, the epitome of the caring but brilliant cop – is one of TV’s great characters and Nicola Walker just oozed effortless class as she does in everything she’s in.

The last episode ending in Cass’s demise after a car crash was brilliantly done – a fabulous piece of television – leaving the viewer emotionally stunned.

Cass’s partner in the series is the equally sensitive and quietly spoken Di Sunny Khan, played to perfection by Sanjeev Bhaskar, and his heard but unseen funeral eulogy to his boss was devastatingly emotional. No wonder social media was inundated with plaudits as soon as the show ended.

Although losing Nicola Walker is a blow, the good news is Unforgotten will return to or screens for further series and the hunt is on for a new character to fill Cass’s place. It will be a very tall order both for the actor who gets the gig but also for the show itself. Unforgotten was so perfect with Nicola and Sanjeev, perhaps that special chemistry will not survive a new star. We will see.

Meanwhile Nicola Walker is to star in a film version of the BBC audio show she dominated – Annika Stranded.These 15 minutes crime monologues as unpredictable Oslo Boat Police detective Annika Strandhed are utter gems and each of the six series so far are a total delight. Don’t miss them or the film version coming up. Confirmation that Nicola is indeed a National Treasure.

ITV’s Unforgotten -

Catch Annika Stranded on BBC Sounds -

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