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Naked Act

Silence in the act of art

Real life in pretended part

Folding off the delicate shoulder

Down to where the question wonders

Milky light, curved, full and open

A London afternoon production

Sunshine staged mountain lines

Ranging till the end of time

Crystal gleam off a lake supposed

Body and an aching mind exposed

Eyes on eyes in the House unblinking

Beauty beheld, defrocked, unthinking

Shock at the sheer, unshrouded shock

Secrets of an ebbing love unlocked

Eon-long seconds tempting with awe

Forgivers will not forget what they saw

Suddenly the gaping moment gone

Eden’s consequences put back on

Face and hands defining character, place

Seconds after such a state of grace

Play playing on, ending where it ended

Words mere words matinee dreams suspended

Out into the cold, into the night

Out of the darkness but into the light

An Absolute


Shadow trees and fine-print dresses
Sandal feet and bare soft arms
Lofty cotton stranding cirrus
Heat and sticky, languid calm

Tables out in sunshine serving
Cold drinks feeding mouths through straws
Sunglass-search for shady corners
Holiday-ready for distant shores

Salad tasting on lawn cut grasses
Lying back in lunchtime rest
Friends and lovers talking closely
Hazy, lazy, easy fest


Sweet wine flowing into laughter

Nodding lap dogs, drooping eyes

Waiters smiling in their waiting

Flamenco rolls, piano sighs


Quiet reading coffee-house poets

Out on benches cappuccino

Drinking in love’s creamy verses

Endless rhythms so al fresco


Holding hands, cheek-hello kissing

Entwining fingers, touching tips

Shoulder to shoulder, happy knowing

Cocktail romantics, lips on lips


Song-bird singing from colour-clad windows

Balcony waving on piazza squares

Still standing time, watches in pockets

Today forgetting world-weary cares


Mirage hot, balmy oasis

Parasol popping in solar-ray simmer

Petal-scent air, sky light refraction

Cold winter memory, summer’s shimmer

Two Wedding Verses

Today and Tomorrow

Today is smiling and tomorrow is an echo

Today we laugh and tomorrow can wait

But tomorrow is full of todays

And they should be days of love and living


Today is theirs and tomorrow is timeless

Today is the moment and tomorrow far away

But tomorrow is theirs for the taking

And they can take it in love and living


Today makes history, seals sacred promises and toasts dreams of the future

Today, two comets, two people, come together

And in their greater universe an infinity of tomorrows lie within their grasp


Today is now, tomorrow is when

Today is here, tomorrow is there

And all their tomorrows should be lived in the love they feel today

For my son Tom and Beth's marriage - 2012

On This Loving Day in June

On this loving day of June, I have chosen you and you have chosen me

This is our happy choice, our one clear voice, for all the years that we shall see

Through the sun of every July

And when the heat of August sighs

In September rains we shall love each drop

Across all our Octobers, we shall never stop

Whatever the chill of November says

We will love each other on December Christmas Days

New Year Januarys and we will always see 

The fresh snow falls together in February

The March of time will make us sing

For our Aprils and our happy months of Spring

Come what all our years will bring, come the unknown, come what May

I have chosen you and you have chosen me on this our wedding day

For my son Elliot and Sarah's marriage - 2016


The gramophone spun in the dusty lit room

Looking out to the Grove in the quiet afternoon

A photo, a cover, they were on a beach

Somewhere across the world far out of reach

A time from my Mum and Dad’s open and shrouded past

Moments, before my life, shared before their chips were cast

Then the music came, in an instant confronted

The world stood still, in that second enchanted 

Some evening, some wonder, some woman, some man

Sweeping into my heart so I could understand

Alone in the house, across a crowded room

Somehow, I knew, the sound of love in tune

How I was enchanted so

Wondering who it might be I would never let go


When I give up the ebb and flow 

When I stop all the clocks and say no

When my momentum goes 

I will choose human


The water lapped before any kings

The water sang before songs to sing

The water was forged before any such things

I choose human


No gods and goddesses up in the sky

No holy book to tell me how and why

No superstition to make me cry

I choose human


For a clearer way, for a brighter day

For colours when the clouds are grey 

For all the things I want to say

I choose human

Mirror Mirror

Mirror, Mirror! I am beautiful and intelligent. 

How true this is 

Ugly and stupid? Really? Me? 

Calling everyone! Hate absolutely sucks 

Life now looks good, no, because, just listen

Grace and elegance my esteemed friends and family

Once impossible, utterly unimaginable, lie screaming 

A touching distance

Beyond the face.


Face the beyond 


Touching a screaming lie 

Unimaginable, utterly impossible 

Once, family and friends esteemed my elegance and grace 

Listen, just because

No good looks now

Life sucks  

Absolutely hate everyone calling me really stupid and ugly 

Is this true? 

How intelligent and beautiful am I Mirror, Mirror?


Hills in morning folding
Birds in nearness hover
Sun in burning golden
Sounds in California

Sky in misty blue-tones
Air in warming clearer
Trees in leafy-song drones
Space in California

Sitting in the sun overlooking Californian hills

The Dawning of Self

The way it was, lined up along the wall

Hopefuls, young and eager, in the dim, yellowing hall

That day in the morning, in the soft days of calm


The winning and the winning, seven on the spin

Moving and taking, predicting, anticipating

That day waging war, squares on the board


The end of the opening, the start of another

The prospect, the idea, something entirely new

Those days of the future in the dawning of self


The run to the finish, losing a step on the way

Home and dry when the counting was done

That day of congratulations, for the felling of Kings


The lighter, happier hall, silver cup, clapping hands

Never expected, never could understand

The day that was sweet in the dawning of self

Winning a junior chess tournament

Beauty at Wannsee

I met a man from Wannsee

Painting in the cool of the tree

I asked him who he was and he laughed 

‘I am an artist you see!’


I met a man at Wannsee

Deciding the future of the free

I asked him what he was doing and he laughed 

'I’m playing God! You see!’


I met a man at Wannsee

Laughing and full of glee

I asked him why he was rubbing his hands and he laughed 

'This is our destiny!'


I met a man from Wannsee

Lying under the canopy

I asked him what could save the world and he laughed

'Beauty, beauty, beauty ... see…'

Max Lieberman painting at the Royal Aacademy – he lived at Wannsee

Where Are All The Dancers?

Where are all the dancers?

Who danced in the shoes in the shop?

The ballet shoes in the window

That danced and just couldn’t stop


Where are all the dancers?

Who danced on the tips of their toes?

The dancers who danced until morning

In tutus and ribbons and bows


Where are all the dancers?

Whose shoes I saw today?

The dancers who dance now without them

For they’re in the shop on display

Ballet shoes in a shop window


Sunsets can be beautiful and they can be sad

They can be the best part of the best days you've ever had


Sunsets can shimmer and they can glow

They can be the best of the best ever show


Sunsets can be the best start of wonderful nights

They can make the best of the best ever sights


Sunsets can bring in the cold and dark

They can make the deepest of the deepest mark

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