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Greatest Day

On a crowded beach

Within the mounted cannon's reach

On this greatest day

Guns were quick and eager to slay


In the front of the most front line

As enemies flagged their colours sign

On this greatest day

Horses swept all the warriors away


On the deck of their trusty ship

While subs let loose their sunken slips

On this greatest day

Hope sank to the bottom without delay


In the sanctuary of the mighty keep

As besiegers drummed, beats fast and deep

On this greatest day

Slaughter came quick after months at bay


Alone in that Nagasaki room

Under the pitiless atomic boom

On this greatest day

A city was the one to pay


In every place where stricken stand

Where foe meets foe in any land

On this their greatest day

War and battle have their say 


Victory’s self in no disguise

Claims the field, the loser dies

Victory’s persona takes the glory

Exhorts the toll and tells the story


Victory’s father shaped ahead

Grandfather to the conquered dead

Victory's mother nurtured and nursed

Future's vanquished victims cursed


Victory's son sees every tomorrow

More hearts touched with steel and sorrow

Victory's daughter, the Victor's womb

Breeder of Victory's endless tombs

No Alcohol In The Churchyard Please!

No alcohol in the churchyard please

No drunks drinking neat gin

No litter over the tombstones

This is God’s House - you can’t come in


No ciggie butts outside the church door

No doggies – they’re meant for the bin 

No coughing your heart out, go rech somewhere else

This is God’s house - sinning’s a sin


No hyperdermics, no wedding confetti 

No losers losing the battle to win

No ifs, no buts, sorry this church is shut

It’s God’s house - no-one comes in

A sign in a Cambridge churchyard


Come from a land of Offshore

Deal with forked tongue and want more

Bend the rules and the law

Thus the poor are the poor and remain poor


In Offshore the bottom’s the line

Come on in Darling the water’s divine

Where the rates of return are very sublime

Thus mine is all mine and stays all mine


Offshore they can’t touch what you stash

Haven land can survive any black day or crash

Where companies hide in a snap and a flash

Thus my cash is my cash and stays all my cash

A Subject Not a Citizen

In the past-obsessed world of Britain

Where fear stalks foreign men

I remain one of His Majesty’s subjects

And not a citizen


Stardust of Royalty lingers

From Trafalgar Square to Big Ben

I’m subject to the Royal Prerogative

And not a citizen


Jubilees come and go

In the land of a denizen

But I must still bow my head

Because I’m not a citizen


This stupidity of Kings and Queens

When will it ever end, when?

Oh to be equal not reigned on

And at last a citizen

I Thought It Wasn't Real

I thought it wasn’t real
I read the blogs and denied
The poles would never run out of ice
And scientists always lied

But now the water’s above our heads
Earth’s prognosis dire
I wish I’d challenged myself 
I wish I was no denier

I Cannot Stand There Anymore

I cannot stand there anymore

Trees swathing hillsides

Plains brushing horizons

Coasts kissing oceans

Greens lighting uplands

Earth overlapping skies

Blue waters of imagination

But I cannot stand there anymore


I cannot sit there anymore

Sensing the wonder world

Feeling the planet grow

Reaping harvest time

Living breathing seasons

Laughing freedom days

Resting calming nights

But I cannot sit there anymore


I cannot go there anymore

An animal like all others

Part of life around me

Organic and original

Flowers of our species

Seeded in the ground and air

Destined to return to dust 

But I cannot go there anymore


I cannot walk there anymore

Mystery paths by sunlight

Homeward under the moon

Running rivers rambling

Mountain rocky lines

Barefoot over sand-dunes

Foam feet in the shallows

But I cannot walk there anymore   


I cannot stand there anymore

Blues and greens now blackened

Winds burn ash and cinder

Lethal rains hot with acid

Risen seas the drowning Kings

Bereft bereft by human hand

Barren barren barren lands

And I cannot stand there anymore


The world’s heating up

More water in the air

It’s chucking it down

Yet the world it doesn’t care


The oceans are warmer

Trouble from the seas

Weather’s going mad

Yet the world it doesn't believe


Poles are getting hotter

Bears adrift on flows

Glaciers melting away

Yet the world it hardly knows


Cold snap of reality

Less time than people say

Earth without any memory

For tomorrows without a today



‘I the eye

I the recorder passing by’

Expectations too great

In the visibility of the world

Charisma across the room

The lucky dippers

The head turn flippers

Remaining invisible



Never seen

As if never been

Keeping hopes alive

Though no footholds hold

The preferred preferred

The voice unheard

The shadow leaving no shadow

The one no-one follows




Out of the light

Out of sight

Clamouring at the window

While the curtains are closed

On the ledge

Out there on the edge

The one leaving no trace

No sound, no smell, no face



Those great houses that spurned you once
Those sumptuous places unattained
Those azure villas no one invited you to
Those demigods who never deigned

Those wondrous palaces shut off from view
Those golden invitations never gained
Those secret delights not for a savage dunce
Not for a hum-drum pleb so stained. 

They Threw Our Lives Away at the Somme

They threw our lives away at the Somme

We dropped by rank on rank

We fell to bullet, mortar, bomb

Such days when innocence sank


A million died in the mud of the Somme

A million futures wasted for nil

A million lives over and done

Swallowing war’s most bitter pill

Things Not To Be

Shots never rung, never shot

Tips never slid, they did not

He did not die that famous man

The children lived in Aberfan


Ship kept sailing in the icy night

Plane stayed aloft, yes that was right

Fifteen hundred souls survived to tell

The fliers landed, they never fell


Towers stayed up standing high

Terror pilots passed them by

Ground Zero you would never see

When things that were were not to be

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