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My two novels -  'Potential' and 'Movie Night'.

Click the links for introduction extracts. 

The loss and rediscovery of unique talent.

A young boy’s artistic brilliance is crushed. Decades later, tragedy in Paris and pure chance compels him to trace a childhood friend - a quest that reignites his genius. 

Two 60’s children bound together by the Greenwich Meridian, the line splitting the globe into east and west. The girl who fulfilled her destiny, the boy without a name who had his stolen. 

London’s National Gallery, the World Cup, a simple kaleidoscope. Two famous icons given the keys to their future.

And a masterpiece able to reveal the power in anyone.

Draw the beauty you see … Never, ever, forget how beautiful everything is.’

Lost love, dark secrets, and the quest to make one special movie.


The book of the film.

The film the book.

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